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Design and Engineering

ForceTEC considers the best quality and on-time delivery as its mission and
always exerts its best efforts to help customers increase their profit.

Cargo Pump System, LNG - frame shot

ForceTEC performs design and engineering for shipbuilding. It also secures technical competitiveness in the field of offshore plant projects. By
unifying hull design, mechanical and electrical engineering into the TRIBON System for the first time in Korea, ForceTEC performs 3D modeling
and prepares drawings, extracting the outputs in advance.
In doing so, ForceTEC realizes efficient and accurate design and engineering, thus preventing incorrect design, and observing required delivery
and saving costs.

Shipbuilding Engineering
Shipbuilding Engineering
Offshore Plant Engineering
Engine Design
Heavy Industries Engineering
  • Super Large Container Ship
  • LNG Carrier
  • Offshore Plant(drillship)
  • PCTC (Pure Car Truck Carrier)
Design and Engineering Business
Design and Engineering Business
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