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ForceTEC Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise that considers the satisfaction and success of its customers first by advancing into the future with creativity and a challenging spirit as well as by creating advanced technologies.

With its technological power recognized in the fields of logistics, heavy equipment, components and materials, shipbuilding blocks, IT, and
design and engineering business, ForceTEC is engaged in the inland, marine and air transport business by establishing a global logistics system
based on its know-how on logistics accumulated over many years, heavy equipment business covering heavy equipment rental, the fabrication
and sale of equipment and materials, cables, etc., and the shipbuilding block fabrication business based on its know-how and technology of
hull block fabrication.

In addition, by establishing a comprehensive information and technology system, the company is providing IT services to help customers create
value and is itself creating a strong future for customers through its design and engineering business with global competitiveness.

General Status

General Status
Date of Establishment July 15th, 1995
Head Office 2nd FL, CTR Building 6, Jungang-daero 228beon-gil, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do,
51439 Rep. of KOREA
Fields of Businesses Logistics, Heavy Equipment, Equipment and Materials, Shipbuilding Block Production, IT, Design and Engineering