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Social Contribution

ForceTEC practices a sharing management style by respecting
and caring for its neighbors and keeping clean environment.

ForceTEC is contributing to the development of the nation and society by communicating with its neighbors when in need and by making
consistent investments in social contribution activities through happy sharing. The company is taking the lead in caring for its neighbors by
actively participating in nature purification activities as a clean environment keeper to enhance quality of life, offering helping hands to farming
villages and practicing blood donations. ForceTEC strives to make a brighter and healthier co-living society.

  • Clean Environment Keeper
    ForceTEC practices environment purification activities in Changwon and Jinhae.
    With its officers and staff participating in waste collection in the mountains,
    cleaning sewers and removing weeds together, ForceTEC is keeping closer ties
    to local communities.
  • Blood Donation Campaign
    ForceTEC’s officers and staff are sharing their love through blood donations.
    They are making healthier local communities by participating in periodical
    blood donation campaigns using a vehicle for blood donation together with the
    Changwon Blood Bank of the Korea National Red Cross and donating certificates
    of blood donation.
  • Offering Helping Hands to Farming Villages
    ForceTEC is practicing caring for local communities by visiting farming communities
    suffering from a shortage of hands. The company is playing a leading role of making
    a co-living society through various events to offer helping hands to farming villages
    including the removal of young shoots of persimmon trees.
  • Happy Society Made by Sharing
    ForceTEC is practicing social contribution activities by visiting social welfare
    foundations. The company examines the current status of a social welfare foundation
    through explanations and data reviews of each group and its facilities and actively
    performs sharing activities including purification of the environment around welfare
    centers and provision of daily necessities. All officers and staff of ForceTEC are
    dedicated to leading a campaign to make the society a happier place.